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Since ancient times in many countries of the world got accustomed tradition to decorate their homes, hanging on walls framing frame. Especially fond of the baguettes in America – in every home there is at least one such frame; sometimes the walls are literally covered with them. However, our compatriots are not used to this kind of embellishment, and baguette art not often seen in apartments and private homes in Russia.

But with each passing year, increasingly, more attention is paid to the moldings and in our country. A new way to decorate your house hasn't fully caught on, but now the presence of framing frames in houses is considered a sign of good taste of the owners. By the way, such a framework can not only hang on walls – they will also look great on tables or dressing table, to perform functional and decorative purpose as a profiled frame mouldings, frames and other openings.

Elaborate carving would be out of place in a stylish modern apartment or private house, furnished with exquisite taste, and in a small apartment. With proper selection and arrangement of baguette, it is beneficial to emphasize the dignity of any room, will give warmth and charm of a small apartment adds luxury private home and bring a touch of freshness and modern apartment.

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