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Our company offers wood products and equipment for the production of wooden products and components for end products from wood, is used it can be:

1) manufacturers of furniture

2) wooden facades for furniture improved

3) elements are used for decorative elements of interiors (houses, cafes, restaurants, clubs, yachts, wagons, ships)

4) Exterior finish of buildings from foam elements (lions, bas-reliefs, pilasters, columns, etc.)

5) Matrices for making molds of fiberglass in cars, motorcycles, aviation, yacht building, mechanical engineering)

6) Mastermode for injection molding production industry

7) the Production of Souvenirs

8) Baby toys

9) form of Micarta for casting small architectural forms (fences, vases, edges, bars) in concrete

10) Wooden puzzle

11) Balusters, elements of wooden ladders

12) wooden lamps.

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